Now even more ways to Magicate your life!

Magicate your post with our wonderful cards with chocolate or Magicate your home with crystals!

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  • Crystals

    Beautiful, unique and full of wonderful vibrations. Pieces for success, confidence, love and anything else you can think off!

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  • Spell Jar Kits

    Everything you need for a spell kit in a neat box. Kit for love, luck, success, money and protection!

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  • Spell wax melts

    Spell wax melts for those tranquil moments of focus and peaceful rituals that are our every day habits.

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  • Candles

    A selection of candles for every eventuality - spell, crystal or just for ambience.

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  • Make Your Own Spell Item

    Choose ingredients for a jar kit, wax melts or crystal candles.

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  • More

    More items for your magickal home.

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