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Crystal Ball with stand 50mm

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A crystal ball is not only a powerful tool in fortune telling and scrying, but also makes an eye-catching piece of décor. Whether used for divination or a table accessory at Halloween, this crystal ball is sure to be a conversation piece.

Crystal balls have been used for fortune-telling and clairvoyance since at least the first century. Their popularity has waxed and waned, but they continue to be popular tools for psychics, fortune-tellers, and mediums today.

Scrying is the process of looking into a medium such as glass, crystal, smoke, water, reflective stones, fire, or coals with the hope of seeing meaningful images, faces, or other visions. The word scry comes from the word descry, which means "to catch sight of," or "to see something unclear or distant." In many cases, scrying involves creating a trancelike state in which unexpected images can emerge. Scrying, in one form or another, has been popular for at least a few thousand years.

There is some disagreement about what actually happens when you look into a crystal ball. Some say that actual visions arise in the ball; these may show the scryer the future, offer glimpses into secrets, or allow the scryer to communicate with unseen realms. Some claim that the ball enhances clairvoyance: the ability to see what is going on elsewhere at the same time.

Others claim that the ball itself does nothing more than relax the mind of the scryer, allowing him or her to fall into a trance state. It is in the trance that the scryer might experience visions or insights.

To use a crystal ball effectively, most sources recommend:

  1. Using a ball at least the size of an orange or grapefruit

  2. Choosing a ball that is highly reflective

  3. Sitting in a dim, quiet place

  4. Allowing the mind and eyes to relax

Contemporary scryers say that the crystal ball may or may not provide direct information about the future or offer advice. Instead, it might communicate symbols, suggest directions, or otherwise help the user to make good decisions for the future.

Keep out of direct sunlight.


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