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Luck Spell Jar Kit

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Are you looking for a kit that allows you to harness your own luck and good fortune? Do you want to be able to cast spells that attract just the right things in life? Then consider this Luck Spell Jar Kit. It comes with everything you need to create a spell jar for luck, which is designed specifically for attracting positive energy and bringing good fortune.

This Luck Spell Kit comes with all the ingredients, tools, and instructions needed to create a spell jar that is designed to enhance your life. It’s fun to make and makes a perfect gift for your friends or yourself. 

Fill up your life with magic with this Luck Spell Jar Kit. This is an easy and accessible way to explore everyday Magick and Witchcraft, or as we would say to Magicate your life. As the spell jars have become increasingly popular we have noticed that if you want to get certain ingredients you have to buy them in bulk. We did not want to have lot’s of things that we cannot or don't want to use later, so thought most people dabbling in the craft would face the same issue. So behold this idea of a spell jar kit. Everything that you need for that particular spell in a nifty box that you can easily have on display without any clutter or mess! Not only are these little bottles cute to make but they are a great way to focus on manifestations and intentions for any life situation.

In the box you will find a little bottle, tiny crystals, herbs, essential oil, a bit of rope to make a knot and a beeswax candle for sealing together with instructions and advise.

Lets go through some basics to use this successfully -

  • Before you start be clear of your intentions and what is it you wanting to attract. Be specific in how would you like to feel! For example say – I am making all the right decisions, I am getting good evaluation at work or I am getting good grade on the exam, good fortunes are attracted to me, only good things are happening for me.

  • Be open to receive. Feel good and visualise how it would make you feel.

  • Find a safe space where you won’t be interrupted.

  • This activity is for you, think of it as self care, get into a meditative and relaxed mindset. If it makes it easier play favourite calming music.

  • Cleanse the environment and the empty spell bottle with smoke or sound. You can use sage, palo santo sticks or incense as well as bells or singing bowls.

  • Focus on your intentions with every step and with every action, say it out loud as you add each ingredient.

  • Once all ingredients have been added and cork is on, finish by dripping candle wax over it to seal and trap the intentions and magic. Say a little spell that you will find with instructions while doing so or after.

  • Most importantly, do what feels right. Have fun and experiment!

There are different opinions about the best time to do a spell. For new beginnings, setting new intentions and building momentum I like to wait for a new moon, however all waxing moon phases would have similar energies of becoming.

If you are making a spell bottle for someone else, think about them and set intentions holding them in mind.

For a special evening host a spell party! Get in touch if you require more than 3 kits.


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