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Orange Goldstone Heart

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As a stone that holds the power of the fire in its core, it stands for change, transformation, alchemy, and strength.

If you are looking for a gemstone that soothes and energizes while also helping you unlock your full potential, you should pick a Goldstone!

Goldstone is an excellent stone to have with you when embarking on new journeys. It helps to ensure that you will have good fortune on your path and be met with fond adventure.

Due to its reflective gaze, Goldstone is also a protector stone. Any stone which possesses a reflective sheen on its surface is perfect for repelling unwanted energies.

By working with Goldstone regularly, you can begin to feel your wayward mind return to your body as you become reacquainted with this world in a much healthier way.

Goldstone gives back your courage and ambition to live fully in your skin, loving every day with a heart full of joy.

Goldstone is believed to be the stone of ambition and aspiration. It fills you with energy, courage, and optimism so that you can achieve all that you want to accomplish in your life.

It’s also known to increase your drive to accomplish any task. It’s a very soothing and healing stone that will promote vitality, especially on days when you feel like you can’t go on.

Goldstone is the master healer. It’s known to have healing powers on the throat, thyroid, and tonsils.

It’s also thought to cure inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatism. It deals with the lower back, urinary tract, and the reproductive system as well.

Goldstone stabilizes your moods and strengthens your faith. When you’re going through emotional turmoil, this stone will help fight for you and inspire you to keep fighting.

Goldstone is also known as a spiritual healer. It reminds you that there is a supreme power that controls everything.

It will boost your knowledge and perception and help you to find the light in the dark. It also illuminates the path you must take to reach for your stars.

Known as the Stone of Ambition, Goldstone can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination. No goal is too big or too small with Goldstone.

When you decide that you want to achieve something, Goldstone’s energies will work with you to make it happen!

It will help you stay calm even in emotionally volatile moments. It will make sure that you don’t do or say something that you will regret.

Take a little time to sit and turn your piece of Goldstone over in your hand a few times, feeling it soak up all your negative thoughts – and replacing them with ambition, drive, and determination.

Whatever will be beneficial for your body, heart, mind, and spirit, it will be made possible for you.

This stone can give you courage during your weak, vulnerable, and uncertain moments.

It may not give you all the answers that you need in one go, but it will steer you in the right direction.

Goldstone is an uplifting stone that will make you feel better no matter what it is you’re going through.

It will fill your life with positive energies because it’s a stone that promotes optimism.

It’s a stone of knowledge and perception. It will remind you that there is always light within the dark and that if you truly look hard for it, you will find the path that will lead you to your stars.

Goldstone can help you manifest the things that you want. It will encourage you to use your creativity to improve your life and bring it to where you always wanted to.

  • Bring a piece of Goldstone with you when you go out on an adventure or travel for business. Its energies will keep you safe from danger, harm, or any kind of mishap.

  • Place it inside your home to fill it with calm and uplifting energies or put it in your place of work to boost productivity and enhance creativity.

  • It can also attract prosperity and abundance, and even make a pay increase possible.


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